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Victim Advocate Program
The Police Foundation and CBRPD have partnered on a new Victim Adovate program. The proposed program would exist solely to create a law enforcement responsive victim service infrastructure including accessible pathways for people harmed by crime and violence. Hiring an in-house victim advocate during the pilot program will provide crisis intervention, emotional support, assistance through the investigative process, safety planning, case status updates, court accompaniment, and referrals to long-term counseling. CBRPD and the Foundation work closely with NOVA (Network of Victims Assistance) to ensure evidence based best practices are continually applied.  Please consider supporting this program with your tax-deductible donation.

K-9 Unit Expansion
CBRPD has expanded their K-9 Unit with a second Narcotics police service dog – K9 Odie! Scent training has been completed and Patrol training is scheduled for September-December 2020.  Please consider making a donation to help the CBRPD continue to fund this valuable program!

Leadership Training
The Police Foundation continues to support CBRPD Supervisory staff with top-notch leadership training. Supervisors will receive FBI Trilogy training through 2020.  Please consider making a donation toward Leadership Training.

Officer Wellness & Resiliency Initiative
The Police Foundation has developed a comprehensive Officer Wellness Program for CBPRD. The program optimizes overall health of employees which helps them best serve our community.  The areas of focus are physical, spiritual, emotional, financial and team cohesiveness. The stressful nature of police work can take a toll on an officer’s well-being. The implications of ignoring these issues are well known.  Research indicates that when officers’ physical and mental health issues go unmanaged, job performance decreases, decision-making abilities are impaired and agency costs increase.  Make a donation today to support this initiative and help the your police department to mitigate any potential problems by sustaining a program that addresses these crucial issues.

Thank you for your support!